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2024's Big Hope

This year we will be supporting the Bobby Bonds Memorial Foundation .

Their mission is to help addicts who are committed to moving their lives from active addiction to long-term recovery, as well as providing resources for the at-risk family.


Bobby Bonds Memorial Foundation was founded in 2016 after Bobby Bonds lost his battle with cancer in October, 2015.  Bobby had over 37 years in recovery and had dedicated much of his life 

to helping people during some of their lowest and darkest times.  His family and friends vowed not to let all of Bobby’s hard work die with him.  Since its inception, the foundation has raised over $400,000.00 of which every dollar is spent assisting others.  Ways in which people have been helped include:

* Recovery programs

* Help with medical bills

* Scholarships

* Meals for shelter

* Housing

* Medical advocacy and much more

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